Everything You Need To Know For Your Engagement Shoot

June 25, 2020

Such good tips! All important things to consider in order to have so amazing photos and memories to look back on!

This is super helpful to all couples planning their wedding and yet not so sure if they should have an engagement shoot or not. Thanks for the wonderful insights!! 🙂

Love that this is comprehensive without being overwhelming! I bet this will help out a TON of couples when they are trying to figure out what to do after getting engaged.

This is a great guide! I love how comfortable and cozy everyone looks!

These engagement shoot tips are perfect – this would be so helpful to any engaged couple! I definitely agree with the bonding experience between photographer & client during these sessions. And your photos are absolutely incredible too!

These shots are all so romantic. I’m jealous you get to shoot in such a location every week! Keep it up.